More awesome minecraft wallpapers

Although Minecraft is mostly a sandbox game, it contains some adventure elements. And, with that, a primary win condition, which is achieved by traveling to another dimension known as The End and defeating the powerful Enderdragon that flies around the map. This dimension is also home to Endermen, a race of seemingly-sentient beings that are only rarely seen on the main world. To go to The End, one must locate underground ruins of an ancient civilization (referred to ingame as Strongholds) which can be found on the main overworld. They must then activate the stronghold’s portal using items crafted from drops from Endermen and Blazes, which can be found in alternate dimension called The Nether.Upon beating the boss creature (and claiming an exclusive reward consisting of a shower of experience points and the elusive Ender dragon egg), the player is allowed to leave the dimension via a portal, which will cue the game’s ending sequence, written by Irish author Julian Gough, and credits roll. The player is then teleported back to their original spawn point in the overworld, and, if certain criteria are met, will receive the exclusive “The End” achievement.

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